A further step along the fixed costs road

Lord Justice Jackson’s report on extending the fixed costs regime is a welcome development, writes Kerr

07 Aug 2017

Chasing the holy grail

Lord Justice Jackson has scaled back his fixed costs proposals, but this is far from the end of the story, writes John van de

04 Aug 2017

Lord Justice Jackson scales back fixed costs proposals

One-size-fits-all cost proposal gives way to “a more segregate

31 Jul 2017

Do you need protection from an obsessive LIP?

Jonathan Fozard explains how solicitors can protect their clients from troublesom

24 Jul 2017

Abuse of the costs budgeting process

Compromise can lead to relatively narrow issues on costs that are limited to significant points of principle, advises Franci

11 Jul 2017

Introduction of new electronic bill of costs delayed

Costs lawyers warn solicitors not to avoid th

21 Jun 2017

ACL warns solicitors to prepare for electronic bill of costs

Rule committee sets October date for compulsory use in Senior Courts Cost

25 May 2017

QOCS and ‘mixed claims’

Sophie Khan considers the first case to involve qualified one-way costs shifting in relation to type

19 May 2017

Not so clear cut on costs

Steven Davies considers the Supreme Court’s dismissal of appeals against recoverability of ATE and succes

08 May 2017